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Great Quotes of Savitribai Jyotiba Phule
1. A strong, educated woman can build a civilized society, so she should also have the right to education.
2. Raising a daughter before marriage so that she can easily differentiate between good and evil.
3. The main factor, which has deprived woman of an honorable place in society, is the lack of education."
4. My mind is burned by a desire to learn and imbibe wisdom.
5. We cannot but admire and praise those women who, in the face of insults and persecution, carry on their sacred work with courage and perseverance.
6. The world had never seen their immense power. This power will be constrained until they are educated, because through education, they will be able to discover it themselves.
7. The root cause of the defects in society lies in the Lack of education.
8. The upliftment of the Shudras and Atishudras (lower castes) can be achieved only through the spread of education.
9. The illiterate woman is like a blind eye; she cannot see anything around her.
10. If you want to make a woman happy, give her freedom and education.