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Great Quotes of Ramai Ambedkar
1. I learned a great deal from my husband. He inspired me to cultivate the reading habit and developed a taste for books.
2. My husband taught me that after each temporary defeat, we should pause, repair the damage, and then carry on with renewed vigour.
3. My husband's life was a continuous struggle against untouchability and for the emancipation of the downtrodden.
4. My husband was a great champion of women's rights and consistently emphasized the need for education and equality for women.
5. My husband used to say that we should not only discard the shackles of inequality but also cultivate a new vision of society.
6. My husband believed that political power alone was not enough; it must be accompanied by social and economic emancipation as well.
7. My husband's aim was not merely to remove untouchability, but to reconstruct the whole fabric of Hindu society on the basic principle of equality.
8. My husband's life was an unending struggle against the age-old injustice and oppression inflicted on the downtrodden masses of India.