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Great Quotes of Mahatma Jyotiba Phule
1. Education is the primary requirement of man and woman.
2. If someone cooperates in any way, do not turn your back on him.
3. You feel that there is a need for some mediation between God and devotees.
4. Do not ask the caste who were involved in your struggle.
5. The most potent remedy to mitigate the misery of the oppressed is knowledge.
6. Without the spread of learning and education among all sections of the people, the injustice and religious persecution cannot be removed.
7. The day on which discrimination ends will be a day of glory for mankind.
8. The ideal object of your pursuit lies not in becoming Hindu or Muslim, Christian or Jew, but in becoming the embodiment of all that is embraced in the sublime word 'man'.
9. The only cure for the innate evils of the present society is the spread of knowledge and education.
10. Let us all unite and destroy the monster of Brahminical injustice.
11. The root cause of the destitution of the lower classes is the monopoly of education by the higher classes.